5 thoughts on “The Power of Outrospection

  1. Love this Christian. Although I do think Introspection is really important too. I think they go hand in hand and its a two way thing… empathy outward and inward. Sometimes we need to unravel a little inside before we can see things clearly. But empathy for others and compassion and ‘sharing the human experience’ is definitely the way forward. It makes us feel connected which we are. I love the part where he talks about the Israeli and Palestinian parents coming together, Unfortunately sometimes it takes shared tragedies. I think though through being a little bit introspective and developing self compassion, it is easier to understand others and be compassionate. But empathy definitely is the way forward. Also being empathetic regarding people in power is interesting too, It would definitely take a shift in culture, but one that is very much needed. People would feel less separate. Thank you ever so much for sharing this.


    • I agree about the two aspects – introspection and outrospection – going hand in hand. Unfortunately when our spirits are low, as in mental distress it’s hard to think beyond that, counselling/therapy with it’s introspection, our private times of self reflection may well help us extend our empathy to the causes we choose.


  2. Very thought provoking. The bit about Palestinian and Jewish Israeli bereaved parents coming together was very moving, and I like the idea of empathy museums.


  3. Thanks for posting such an interesting video clip, the subject raised so many issues for me, clearly it discussed matters of vital importance for community change, I liked the one about the need for revolution in relationships, our willingness to share part of our lives, make ourselves vulnerable, allowing others to do similarly, very important to mental well being, perhaps a little risky on social media. However I think a level of introspection is also part of understanding others.


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