Reminder To Self


I never stop… and I never start. I live in a strange limbo.

Here’s a quick reminder: Please remember to allow yourself to slow down, focus on your breath… Breathe in the smell of a warm drink, feel your lips on the rim and listen as you place the cup down, watch the ripples. Allow yourself to slow down, to breathe, to be.


8 thoughts on “Reminder To Self

  1. A perpetual cup of tea! What a soothing concept that is in itself. Thanks for this reminder Christian. When did life get so fast? When I was at school I remember having to write about what it would be like in the future when machines were doing all the work and all we had to do was fill the long hours of relaxation and pleasure. How come society got so fast and frantic instead?


    • …er bloggies, twitter, facebook, computers! are we becoming slaves to them? I’m gonna try switching off a bit more, maintaining the tea ritual!, my intake of tea fascinated my in-laws in Africs, who commented to my husband that I must have a smooth throat?! ‘Tea’ for them was a light meal/snack made thick with condensed milk and dunked sweet bread, I grew to enjoy that too.


    • Yeah, I think we’re going in the wrong direction, myself! Though perhaps people’s minds will eventually evolve to cope with the frenetic life. Not mine though! All these gizmos do suck you in and you sometimes feel obligated to people to respond quickly: it’s nice that we’re driven by the desire to connect with each other as human beings, at least, but, well, where’s the QUALITY, instead of the quantity?!

      Sometimes when I sit on a train travelling through lovely countryside, I look around me at people in the carriage, and 80-90% of folk are all staring into little screens held in front of their faces, instead of sitting back and enjoying what’s around them.


      • True that!
        Was thinking of getting an ‘upgrade’ from a very basic phone/camera, a contract even, can’t decide…and I have enjoyed our LWB FB ‘closed’ community, especially since going out at night or during bad weather is less tempting. It can be a lifeline for many isolated people….swings and roundabouts?


  2. Really enjoyed this post at 5am! …a refreshing addition to the blog, a cuppa. is always a good excuse to slow down, thanks for posting,…’One picture is worth ten thousand words’, Frederick R. Barnard in Printer’s Ink, 8 Dec 1921 retelling a Chinese proverb


  3. What a great post.. again a little bit of mindfulness! Wow.. it’s so powerful Christian and ‘right up my street’ thanks for the reminder. Also how did you manage to get the cup of tea moving? very relaxing !
    Also Stuart I know what you mean! Sometimes it’s really important just to soak up nature and life, rather than be caught up in the ‘heady’ world of social media/phones etc. But I agree Sue, social media has also helped me feel connected, be creative and have support.
    I went for a walk today, just by myself with Dino the dog, near the river in the snow in Otley. I tried to soak it up, rather than think about problems in my life. I really really enjoyed it… chatted to a few geese and ducks – it was a refreshing winter scene..
    Thanks 🙂


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