DIY Fitness – Free, Outdoors and great for well-being! How about it?

Social Media is a fantastic way at keeping in touch with people and can aid well-being.   But sometimes ‘well-being’ involves putting the Smartphone down and switching the computer off.  Ouch!

There isn’t anyway of getting around it, we need to do it – exercise!  Regular exercise can add years to our life and it can lift our mood.  I recently joined a gym on a short-term basis however I am afraid to say I didn’t go often.  I found it a little lonely!  The environment didn’t feel right for me and it was too expensive. However for some people using a gym maybe an excellent way of keeping fit and there are usually free trials available.

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I think I prefer to be outdoors, get some fresh air and be with others. So how about a Power-walk in Hyde Park? Anyone up for it; or have any other ideas? Or do you know of any outdoor free or other cheap ways to keep fit that you would like to share?  Please leave a comment or send us a tweet with any ideas!

The NHS Choice Website claims that Research by the University of Essex has shown that exercising outdoors boosts people’s physical and mental health more than going to indoor gyms, even in winter. The National Trust has written about the outdoor gym and they claim  that Just five minutes in the outdoor gym every day can lead to improvements in mood and self-esteem, as well as physical fitness.

They report these benefits on their website

Benefits of exercising outdoors

  • Burn up to 20 percent more calories
  • Work harder and improve balance on uneven surfaces and in natural elements
  • Perfect full body workout
  • Vitamin D boost good for bones
  • A really healthy glow

So it’s January and I can’t think of a better month to start. Please send any comments or ideas – Thank You

VIcky 🙂

4 thoughts on “DIY Fitness – Free, Outdoors and great for well-being! How about it?

  1. Hi Vicky, I’d love to walk round Hyde Park with you but the idea of a Power-walk scares me slightly – it doesn’t sound like the gentle strolling I’m used to. Can you explain? I organised a sponsored walk last October to raise funds for my local charity, Oblong, and it was really good fun to walk along the canal from the centre of Leeds to the pub in Rodley chatting to various people. The canal towpath has the great advantage of being completely level too! I really agree about the benefits of getting out. We’re lucky to have so many good parks in Leeds, and to live so close to the Dales & the North Yorks Moors.


  2. Thanks for your comment Terry. Power Walking may sound scary, but it needn’t involve Lycra!
    It’s simply walking quickly, a very brisk walk to get the heart pumping and to get fit, you could do a few rounds of Hyde Park – i think they recommend 20-30 minutes. But it was just one idea. Also it depends upon your level of fitness. Other people may want to take it a bit more gently. Your walk sounded really nice, – I’ve also cycled down the towpath before. There are lot’s of organised walking groups in Leeds if you want to go further afield such as Meetup, The Ramblers, YHA. . There are probably conservation/green gyms people can get involved in which can help with fitness. It’s just getting started which is the hard part 🙂


  3. Excellent post, well written,thanks for the timely reminder, post holiday blues affecting many. This time last year feeling it hard to find motivation to get fit, I enrolled on the local ‘10%’ weight loss scheme, which runs at some Leeds Council leisure centres, it involved discussions about nutrition followed by a gentle exercise class, I also advertised to find a walking buddy who could commit, it worked really well, I covered their expenses, this was sufficient motivation for both
    of us to stick with it…made a good friend in the process! Walk and talk….good therapy. Woodhouse/Roundhay were our stomping grounds.


  4. Hi Vicky, thanks again for lovely post, some of the comments/suggestions could make for good ongoing posts about keeping well…maybe it could be part of our menu list on blog?
    What do you think of the latest research about the three minute short sharp burst of exercise?…for me a combination of strolling and brisk walking works well, I love company when I walk but there are benefits to walking alone. I find doing it without the distraction of an mp3 player, gives me the head space for problems solving, additionally it’s helped spark creative writing.


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