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Friends of Leeds Kirkgate Market

This is what £24 got a Friend of Leeds Kirkgate Market on Saturday 12th of January 2013:

1 big bag of small English Delicious apples,

3 small punnets of blueberries,

1 big head of celery,

1 celery root as big as a baby’s head,

1 butternut squash,

10 sweet satsumas,

5 umbrella mushrooms,

3 mangoes,

5 fairtrade bananas,

3 fennel bulbs,

4 big oranges,

6 unwaxed lemons,

7 carrots,

5 medium white onions,

3 regular zucchini,

3 round Spanish zucchini,

2 medium broccoli heads,

1 small cauliflower,

2 spinach bunches,

1 bunch of parsley,

2 big pieces of fresh ginger root,

2 radicchio heads,

4 heads of Spanish garlic

VARIETY, QUALITY AND LOW PRICE, it’s what is all about at Leeds kirkgate Market. But will this survive Leeds Council’s plans for it?

Council officers are working on a series on proposals that will be discussed by councillors in either February…

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  1. Yes, it seems great ! If i was in central Leeds more often I would be a regular visitor. Please save the market!!! I also wish that there were an extension of this market in Headingley. Headingley has a farmers market now and again, but this can often be expensive. I feel a good little market in Headingley would be fantastic and flourish… Not sure why someone in the council doesn’t arrange some land for this.

    Markets are fantastic I grew up in a market town near Doncaster, and so many of the little towns around Doncaster have markets, or at least used to. I also lived in London and there was always a little market everywhere you went. I think normal markets are needed! Not just the expensive farmers type. Sometimes you just want/need healthy AND cheap food. More markets please! Thanks for reblogging and for posting


  2. The outside fruit and veg market is particularly good for a bargain – I’ve come home with bags full of stuff for just a couple or three quid.


  3. Just heard that M & S are to open a tea bar in the market! This is of course where they started a penny bazaar in 1900, hopefully this latest move will not make it harder for independent traders, presently struggling, to keep going, or make this a further upmarket expensive retail outlet.


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