First physical health campaign meeting

My last blog post on physical health got quite a few comments – it seems like many people feel their phsycial health symptoms get overlooked because of their mental illness.

Now some of us are coming together to do something about it. We’ll be meeting at 10am at Leeds City Art Gallery cafe tomorrow morning, 14th November. We’ll be coming up with some actions that we can take in Leeds that will make a differnece. If you’ve got an interest in this topic and want to see things improve come along and add your voice.

If you’re reading this post after the meeting’s happened there’s still chance to get involved, you can email me on or follow us on twitter @MHActivismNorth.

4 thoughts on “First physical health campaign meeting

    • Your chance has come again! We are meeting on the 7th December at 10:30am in Leeds Art Gallery Cafe, would be great to see you there if you can make it..


  1. Hi, thought this course from Voluntary Action Sheffield might be of interest in this context:
    Physical and Mental Health: A Joint Approach
    Description: Mental and physical health are closely interwoven and interdependent. Recent research and better understanding of the relationships between mental and physical health indicate that each is crucial to the overall wellbeing of individuals and societies. Because mental health has been neglected for some time when it comes to the understanding of physical health, this course redresses the balance.
    This course will help you to:
    Be aware of the need for a focus on physical health within mental health services
    Hear about current policy and practice initiatives in this area, and research findings, and to consider the implications of these for staff and service users
    Identify and share examples of approaches to best practice within the health care system
    Understand the consequences for individuals if physical health is not taken into account
    Suitable For: Health professionals, voluntary and community sector workers and volunteers and service users. Download a booking form by going to the ‘How to book’ section.
    Dates: 04 Dec 2012 from 09:15 to 16:00. Cost £160/£90 concessions. Terry


  2. Sounds like a good course, a worthy topic for discussion, thanks for linking information, I find there is such a separating of physical and mental issues…..time and money prohibits my attendance but its reassuring to know it’s going on.
    I find that often times comparisons are made between the ability of those who overcome extreme and primarily physical illness and those of depression for example. Having the emotional resilience to overcome the challenges of existing as a ‘body’ varies from individual to individual.


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