Creative Space Cafe @ Swarthmore Education Centre – Wednesdays 3pm-5pm

Recently I painted a butterfly in an art project at Swarthmore Education Centre.  The project H(art) was run by Erica Mitchell who is the new Community Engagement Project Worker at Swarthmore.  It was Erica’s clever idea to paint jigsaw pieces which were then to be assembled together to create a giant heart-shaped jigsaw. The brief was that you could paint anything using the colours; red, white and black.

Take a look at this colourful and fun short film I made about the day. See if you can see my butterfly!

H(art) was a one-off event and was part of The Love Arts Festival but don’t panic as Erica also runs a weekly drop-in Creative Space Cafe.

 The Creative Space Café –  every Wednesday during term time from 3pm until 5pm.

 It is a weekly art and craft session which is held in the Swarthmore Coffee Shop. There is no cost and no need to book – just turn up and join in.

For more information please contact Erica at or just turn up!

Erica also mentioned that she is looking for volunteers to support the Creative Space Café. If you are interested in arts and crafts, and can offer help and guidance to other people during the craft session, contact Erica.

 Thanks Vicky 🙂

Swarthmore now offers ‘taster sessions’ with groups in community settings.  Taster sessions allow people to give-it-a-go without having to commit to a full course. Many people find that this increases their confidence to come down and see what Swarthmore has to offer. Contact Erica for more information whether you are an individual or community group.

There are many courses available at Swarthmore Education Centre, 0113 2432210.

3 thoughts on “Creative Space Cafe @ Swarthmore Education Centre – Wednesdays 3pm-5pm

  1. HI Thanks !
    Well thank you for mentioning the music as I probably needed to reference it. The music was taken from the Free Music Archive, as it is royality free and available for public use. However I think I needed to reference this! I wanted something lively and light, so I looked through the genre ‘Salsa’ and found this lively track. The artist is ‘Songo 21’ and the track is called ‘Opening para songo 21’


  2. i loved the orange and reds and the love hearts like autumn colours

    id encourasge anyone to go to chatn ctreat
    and creative spaces; its better than feeling blue watching tv all day if you are – . if you are well keeop doing the wholesome, anything good.

    somebody has took time and care to inform you because they want you to be creative happy, even joyful, to share who you are to find therapy and release from pain of neurosis
    just because they care
    cutlivate grattitude, but its not compulsory

    i appreciate the organisrs of any group invented to help others – tis compassion.

    milanm buddha ghosh


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