Do you feel S.A.D?

Time-to-Change S.A.D. Photography Project

Time-to-Change Leeds has just opened up their Seasonal Affective Disorder Photography Project for public submission. The start of this project was planned to coincide with the clocks going forward, a time when many people feel the effects of the darkness as our days flicker out an hour earlier. Click on the photo above to navigate to the group’s Tumblr page, where you can view submission from others and submit your own text/photo/video/link/quote posts around the subject of light and mood during the winter months. I’ll write more on this soon but keep an eye on this project!

Christian 🙂

7 thoughts on “Do you feel S.A.D?

  1. Thanks for posting this Christian, it’s a really interesting site, project and subject……can’t quite work out what the photo is…..face stubble? I have a perverse fondness for the initial change of light this time of year….kinda’ like a squirrel storing up things! I hope however you’ve adjusted your clock backwards, even after all these years I still get confused!! Cheers. Su


  2. Lovely post Christian. I definitely get affected by the lack of daylight, my energy changes which exacerbates any mood issues I may have. Although I also can find summer a bit too frenetic sometimes. My favourite season is without a doubt spring. I will never understand why ‘they’ insist on making it even darker when it’s getting darker anyway! So it’s nice to recognise it and have projects to take part in like this. I’ll get my camera out ! 🙂


  3. Definitely thinking of buying a light box this year. i requested assessment for S.A.D. for my ‘depression’ although that’s not a term I like to describe my mood changes, at that time I felt ‘stuck’ in my thinking, lack of ability to move forward with my lifeI thought the psychiatrists were helpful in that they differentiated between Seasonal Affective Disorder and Reactive Depression, it did not lead to me being medicated, but being diagnosed with S.A.D. often does, I wonder about the long term implications for someone who is medicated, presumably every winter, coping with coming off in between seasons?


  4. That Tumblr page is lovely to look at, Christian – smashing images on there and a nice design. I find that little animated tree kind of mesmerising. : ) Tyler Knott’s blog looks very interesting too:

    Also, I recognise that ‘Rough’ spot – I know where that one was taken!

    I think I do suffer from S.A.D. a bit: certainly sunny winter days leave me feeling a lot more energised than the grey mizzly ones.


  5. I’m getting a bit confused about who is commenting on here. Would like to string out the mystery a bit longer I’d be unfair – it genuinely is just a place in Leeds that has the word “rough” spray painted on the wall. Don’t want people guessing abstract things indefinitely! It’s the side of Tech North college, a shortcut to Inkwell 🙂



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