Light Night -Leeds – Friday 5th October

At this time of year there are so many free or reasonably priced activities to see or get involved with and the annual Light Night 5th October, is one that never disappoints, events start mainly around 5pm and continue until after 12am.

This date should also see the ticket launch for the 26th Leeds Film Festival which takes place 1st to 18th November, there are a planned 100 screenings,  concessionary tickets are available and  the organisers often employ both paid and voluntary workers.

This year it coincides with the launch of the Love Arts Festival at which one of our members, Vicky, will  showcase  a film with which she was instrumental in producing at Inkwell. The film will be shown as part of an installation in the old Benetton shop in the Light shopping centre from the 2nd October through till Light Night.

Also the Healing Voices choir will be performing a lovely array of songs on 2nd October at 5pm in The Light.

The Stanley and Audrey Gallery have an intriguing event ‘By the light of the Magic Lantern’  It’s free but booking is essential for the performances !

Have a great Light Night !

1 thought on “Light Night -Leeds – Friday 5th October

  1. Such a lot going on! I notice from following your link to the Light Night site that the map for the evening is now available from the Town Hall. I’ve been out and about for the last couple of years and it is an amazing atmosphere, with people milling through the town in different directions on their way to and from the dozens of events all happening simultaneously round the city. Thanks for the reminder. Terry


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