Ping Pong – the movie!

There will be a free, (ticket booking required ) telephone: Leeds 3697077, showing of this film at Hyde Park cinema on the 10th October at 1.00pm, as part of the celebration of International Older Peoples Day, which is earlier in the month, before the screening there will be a demonstration of the game by one of the film’s stars.

This British made film documentary is about a group of of older people many over 80, who gather from all over the world to take part in a ping pong championship in Mongolia!

This is a screening done by the cinema in collaboration with O.W.L.S., Older Wiser Local Seniors

2 thoughts on “Ping Pong – the movie!

  1. What a brilliant film! Really interesting to follow all the different characters as they make their way to China, and then follow their progress in the competition. I liked the way it didn’t try to gloss over the trials of getting older, and it was great to have Les, one of the main characters in the film, there in the Hyde Park Cinema.


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