Going Somewhere New…

Bradford University.

Woow!!, what a summer holiday it has been but back to education in a few weeks (sigh), but this time it’s a new challenge at the University of Bradford to study Media. I’m looking forward to start the course because its something I haven’t really studied but I have a good understanding of the course and I know what’s required of me to pass the course.

Its a bit daunting for me to go University because its a new environment so i have to make new friends and also the level of education is quite high, so I don’t know whether i’ll cope with my new life style or not but only time can tell!

3 thoughts on “Going Somewhere New…

  1. Enjoyed your post and I wish you every success in your new adventure, hopefully you will find some time to use your media skills to contribute posts to our Wellbeing Web.


  2. Well best of luck with the new course. : )

    One good thing to remind yourself occasionally is that everyone will probably be feeling exactly the same way you do underneath: that whole ‘I don’t know anybody, and how will I measure up?’ feeling. Give it time, don’t force things, and your talents and your friendly way will soon help you through, I bet. – All the best, Stuart


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