Public Art, good for the soul: Crown by Faith Bebbington

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Leeds has some beautiful and striking public art, which adds elegance to city.  The photographs capture one such piece of public art created by Faith Bebbington after being commissioned in 2002 by Nuffield  –  and standing outside the Nuffield Hospital, entitled ‘Crown’.  Four figures stand in a circle to create a crown, each statue is made out of fibreglass and stone resin.  The sculpture is based upon  Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing: ‘Human figure in a square in a circle’ and transforms a traffic island into a work of art.

It was a beautiful day for photography, as the sun had finally started to shine, with a backdrop of blue sky and few, but interesting clouds.  (No rain!)  Taking photo’s in the city can be a rewarding activity, not only is it  creative and fun, but it also encourages you to stop and take your surroundings in, to attend to detail and to learn about the city.

Public art and pleasing architecture is good for the ‘soul’; I believe.   Bebbington describes her art as ‘humanising public spaces’  and I think that is an apt way to describe it. Sculpture and art in public can transform an otherwise mundane environment into one which is  asthetically pleasing and interesting.

2 thoughts on “Public Art, good for the soul: Crown by Faith Bebbington

  1. I’ve walked past this sculpture a couple of times but always in a hurry and not really looking properly. Thanks for this further information and the lovely photos. I’ll make the the time to stop and look properly next time I go past. I wish we had more public art


    • Me too Niccola, I think stopping and taking in your surroundings takes practice…to be in the present ! I agree with you, having more public art would be fantastic !! Imagine the traffic island without it 😦


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