First Blog

Leeds wellbeing web is the first blog I have actually posted to as opposed to just browsing round. Having seen many blogs mangled by web browsers, I am using a specialised blog authoring client to do this entry. –Darren

The thing I like most about Leeds

I moved to Leeds 8 years ago and the thing I like most about it is that people are friendly and there are lots of things to do in this fairly small city. I live near Roundhay park which is probably the biggest park in Leeds where a lot of famous people have performed. The other thing I like about Leeds is the Carnival which happens at Pottern Newton Park every year. The scene of the carnival is very vivid and brings people together to have a good time.

the best of both worlds

So, hello there – I’m Stuart, and I’ve joined the Leeds Wellbeing web team.

One of my favourite aspects of living in Leeds has to be that it’s a large cosmopolitan city, providing you with all the amenities and fun you’d ever need – but it’s also in the heart of Yorkshire, close to plenty of open green spaces and wildlife. You just need to hop on a train, a bus or drive out a few miles to get out to beautiful open countryside. And if you know where to look, you can actually find a lot of relaxing green spaces right here in the city, too. There’s plenty here for people to discover, and chill out time is an important factor in keeping well, I think.

Finding balance in Leeds

Hello, I’m Vicky.  I came to Leeds two years ago, after spending many years in our concrete capital. Originally from Yorkshire, I feel like I have returned to my roots! I love Leeds for many reasons, the fantastic mix of both countryside and citylife, enables me to find a balance in my life.  To find stimulation and entertainment when I want it, but also to find a way to relax, connect to nature, unwind and find peace.  I’d like to write about some of the delights our city has to offer, which can enable us to lead healthy and fulfilled lives!

Migrant Community Network


I am a Migrant Community Networker, Leeds is home to one of the largest migrant communities in the UK. Ensuring all citizens have access to services and a voice in how services are delivered to them is key to my work. This training course in internet reporting is to help me understand blogging and how to use words and pictures to inform peoples and form opinions

Shafique Sheikh