tinkerbell and magic fairy’s journey into community reporting

Over the last 8 weeks on our community reporting course we have learned how to blog and use a camera.

We went to Kirkstall Abbey and walked down the canal and took some fab photos that we then made into a slideshow. We then uploaded this to the wellbeing website.

We then went on to video and edit our own film which we then uploaded to youtube. Our video was about visiting kirkstill abbey.

We had a lot of fun making the video and will take the skills we have learned with us and continue to blog for leeds wellbeing web and do community reporting in the future.

We would recommend the course to other people as it was very intesting and a lot of fun to learn new skills and be able to use them in our everyday lives.

Tinkerbell and the Magic fairy signing out for now.
over and out.

1 thought on “tinkerbell and magic fairy’s journey into community reporting

  1. Great to get your recommendation and hope you’ll help publicise the next training course which we’re just about to begin planning. I’ve really enjoyed reading and looking at your posts.


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