Community Reporters Course

I have enjoyed taking part in the course and found it very interesting and creative. I have enjoyed learning media skills relating to downloading photographs and video and developing community reporting skills. I think the concept of the Leeds Wellbeing Web is a great idea and something in this day and age of vicious  cut backs and austerity that is really needed so that people can connect and take strength from one another in terms of sharing helpful resources and information to contribute to their wellbeing and that of their respective communities.

From starting 8 weeks ago from a blank websites a lot of interesting material has been added and I look forward to its further development. I hope that those that follow on in future courses enjoy it as much as I have. A big thank you to John Baron our patient supportive teacher who has been most helpful and a pleasure to work with.  

Mike Bush

1 thought on “Community Reporters Course

  1. Great to read this, Mike. I hope you’ll keep posting as I’ve really enjoyed reading and watching your stuff. Please also help us publicise phase 2 of the training which we’re about to start planning.


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