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Hello my name is Mike Bush I am intested in the concept of the Leeds well being web as it is important to share knowledge, insights and understandings about mental wellbeing and to interact with others in develoing what I hope will be a useful online community. I think it is important to take a diverse view as what is helpful to one person may not be useful to some one else. I have an interest in Ecotherapy and this is how I relax and unwind research shows that walking inn green areas is as effective as anti depessants for mild to moderate depression. See Mind Ecominds  for details.

I like going for walks in the greenbelt areas around Leeds  particularly along side water such as Leeds Canal and the River Aire as I find walking alongside water very relaxing. My wife is a Healthy Walk Group Leader and she says that when you go for a walk your problems sort of fall behind you. I find this works for me too and I would recommend it.

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We are a blog with a focus on Wellbeing. We are based in Leeds, Yorkshire and train volunteers to participate in Blogging. Although we talk about Leeds, we also talk about wellbeing in general and value comments and readers from anywhere in the world.

2 thoughts on “Community Reporter Leeds

  1. I am a Leeds lad. Now in my mid forties, a bit isolated from an inertia caused by concentration on my extended and needy family and their many friends. I’m a money,debt, credit and benefits advisor and the pressure of the job never ends. I regularly walk the canal towpath in Leeds and the one place that I find solace and peace is at Ribblehead. I get the train to Horton in Ribblesdale, walk for 20 minutes. Sit on the heather among the friendly sheep. Time seems to fly by, my head half empties. Sometimes I just wonder how it was ever built by hands alone. I wonder but I kind of stop thinking, all my baggage just melts away. It lasts. There is a viaduct near my home, about 3 minutes walk away. I never give it a second look. Ribblehead is a magical place, there is no scar of it’s creation on the landscape, it seems as if it has always been there. A great sense of relief comes over me when I escape to my own little world.

    Now I take my camera and I try to capture the intricate details of the one place in the world that I just seem to find ever relaxing. Ecotherapy isn’t a concept that I would ever have accepted. Until coming across your project via twitter, I have to say it has worked for me for years. Ribblehead is a man made conduit for rail travel. There is nature all around it, under it and within it.

    All the best, good luck and spread the word.



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